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Welcome to Mother Tongue Cooking Club!

Mother Tongue Cooking Club is an online cooking club and community of home cooks, led by Myles Snider (that’s me).

My goal is to help you become a more skilled, more creative, and happier home cook. You can think of this as a recipe club and cooking school rolled into one.

Each week you'll get a new recipe, guide, or how-to delivered directly to your inbox. These will be in-depth, well-researched, and delicious recipes with step-by-step instructions and photos. I'll also provide detailed explanations of key methods and techniques that will help you better understand the fundamentals of cooking. Plus I'll talk about additional options, ingredient substitutions, suggested drink pairings, tips and tricks, kitchen hacks, and much more.

I'm confident that every post will help make you a more knowledgeable and skilled cook. You can check out some of our past content here.

How it Works

There are two ways to join Mother Tongue Cooking Club.

As a subscriber on the free tier, you'll get access to the monthly round-up, an email where I talk about things I'm cooking, product recs, and content I like. Free subscribers will also get occasional recipes and other content like guides and playlists.

Paid subscribers get full access to weekly recipes and how-tos, the entire library of past content, access to our community group, and discounts on courses and other products. I've got a ton of additional subscriber perks planned for later this year, including live cooking classes, Q&As, guest chef posts, and more.

Getting Started

If you're ready to join the cooking club, you can sign up for either tier with the link below:

Make sure to check your spam folder if you don't get a confirmation email, and add me to your email contacts to get all of the weekly content.

Do you have additional questions? Read more about me and my mission here, or feel free to reach out to me directly via Twitter or email!