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Introducing the Mother Tongue Cooking Club

Myles Snider
Myles Snider
2 min read
Introducing the Mother Tongue Cooking Club

Hey, everyone!

Today I’m excited to announce the official launch of the Mother Tongue Cooking Club– a recipe club, cooking school, and community of home cooks.

I've long believed that home cooking is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal. In today's modern world, we're spending more and more time in front of screens, interacting through apps, and living a largely digital reality.

Cooking roots us firmly back in the physical world. It's a tactile hobby that allows us to use our hands and all five of our senses. It requires us to be mindful and present. And it's the best way that I know to bring people together communally.

My goal with Mother Tongue Cooking Club is to help more people make cooking a part of their everyday lives. While this is technically an online cooking club, the goal is to get you away from your computer and into your kitchen. I want to help you operate with the confidence of a seasoned chef– cooking everything from simple weeknight meals to big feasts to feed a crowd.

So, how does it work?

To start, MTCC is going to be a weekly newsletter and community group. Each week I'll send out a new recipe, how-to, guide, or technique breakdown, all of which will help you learn how to cook something new. Members will also get access to a group Telegram chat, where you'll be able to ask questions, get feedback, share what you've cooked, and connect with other home cooking enthusiasts.

I grew up cooking, I've cooked professionally, and I've been a passionate home cook my entire adult life. MTCC is a way for me to share what I've learned and help you to become a more confident, skilled, creative, and empowered home cook. I'll be sharing super flavorful recipes with photos and step-by-step instructions, and I'll also be sharing important information on things like foundational cooking techniques that will help you understand the fundamentals of great cooking.

There will be two tiers for MTCC– the free tier will get access to occasional free recipes and posts, as well as a monthly round-up email where I'll share cool food and cooking related things I'm exploring. The paid tier will get full access to all of the weekly posts, the full archive of past content, access to the community group chat, and discounts of future products like courses and merch. I've got a ton of cool ideas for additional subscriber perks that I'll be introducing throughout the year– things like live online cooking classes, Q&As, guest chef content, and maybe even some in-person events.

Sound interesting? You can subscribe below. I'll kick things off next week with the first recipe– cast iron ribeye with black garlic chimichurri– and a cookware guide I'll share in the meantime.

Got additional questions? Feel free to email me directly at, or DM me on Twitter!

I'm looking forward to cooking with you soon!